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After 9 years with a renowned firm in The Hague, Patrice van Oostaijen founded Maguire Tax & Legal in 2006. The goal: an informal and honest practice for advise & accountancy, with fast and efficient counselling at high level and modest rates. The name Maguire stems from Tom Cruise’s character in the movie Jerry Maguire; on the one hand because of our specialism in advising sports agents, and on the other hand because the similarities in Jerry Maguire’s pursuing his own dreams. After being located for 10 years in the famous P.C. Hoofstraat in Amsterdam, we decided to move office to the Jan Luijkenstraat in 2017.

Maguire’s first employee in 2006 was Erik Jan Peffer; 10 years later he became co-owner. We are currently a boutique firm with 12 special and dediciated professionals. Every day, behind the screens, these professionals discuss the clients’ positions in order to ensure efficient and optimal service.

Since 2006, we have grown steadily every year, although growth in itself is not our goal; that goal will always remain to supply our clients with optimal care and to build relationships for life. Please be welcome!

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Patrice van Oostaijen
Civil & Tax lawyer

T: +3120-210 3730
M: 06 4142 51 81
E: patrice@maguiretl.nl

Founder Maguire in 2006 / 25 years experience / counselled on more than 900 football transfers / advised countless entrepreneurs on legal & strategy

Erik Jan Peffer
Tax lawyer

T: +3120-210 3731
M: 06 50 74 33 99
E: erikjan@maguiretl.nl

Partner / with Maguire since 2006 / 15 years experience / tax expert for professional athletes, pilots and expats / creative and technically very strong

David Kok
Tax Economist

T: +3120-210 3732
M: 06 14 68 72 90
E: david@maguiretl.nl

With Maguire since 2013 / Expert in cross-border employment and wage tax / analytical mind and very comprehensive on figures

Wim van Leeuwen
Head accounting team

T: +3120-210 3738
M: 06 25 39 76 90
E: wim@maguiretl.nl

With Maguire since 2017 / 30 years experience, former Big4 / Always delivers

Randy Beckeringh
Senior accounting team member

T: +3120-210 3737
E: randy@maguiretl.nl

With Maguire since 2021 / Big4 experience, 10 years in business / allround accountant / enjoys to visit clients

Caroline van Dijk
Accounting team member

T: +3120-210 3737
E: caroline@maguiretl.nl

With Maguire since 2015 / all round bookkeeper with 25 years  / hughly commited

Jason Jusia
Accounting team member

T: +3120-210 3734
E: jason@maguiretl.nl

With Maguire since 2016 / strong service mind / IT-fan / finance aid at client’s location

Marco Kaposi

T: +3120-210 3737
E: marco@maguiretl.nl

With Maguire since 2022 / precise and committed / Excel expert

Ruben Ruijrok

T: +3120-210 3735
E: ruben@maguiretl.nl

With Maguire since 2022 / analytical and out-of-the-box / contracts and procedures

Jago van Luyn

T: +3120-210 3737
E: jago@maguiretl.nl

With Maguire since 2021 / numbers wizard / pitbull / automation expert

Ozan Kaya
Accounting team member

T: +3120-210 3734
E: ozan@maguiretl.nl

With Maguire since 2018 / accountant for football agents / strong service mind

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