We are generalists with specialism in these areas

During the years, Maguire has developed a number of special interests. Legal and tax advise to top athletes (among whom many football players) was our first special interest. Since sports and entertainment have strong ties, creative enterprises have been finding their way to Maguire for a long time too. And because of our focus on the international tax aspects of employment, we have welcomed many expats and pilots during the years.

Next to that, we share the blood type of tech- and media entrepreneurs and independent professionals of various crafts. As a result, we know what they do, what they aim for and what they face.

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With more than 25 years of experience in advising professional players, athletes, coaches, clubs and sports agents is Maguire your ideal partner in sports.


We advise gamers, e-athletes and gaming teams on their fiscal and legal issues. Possibly new areas for you, but not for us. We’ll take you by the hand and build relationships for life!


Amsterdam based Maguire provides services for tax & legal advise and for accounting. We apply for 30% rulings and – if necessary – litigate to ensure yours.

Your business

Game and app developers, digital marketing companies and other tech companies, but also professional services companies: we know what’s going on in your world and how to deal with it.


The tax advisors of Maguire are specialized in the international tax rules for aviation personnel.

Foreign entrepreneurs

Maguire’s partners are in the same position as you, and care for your current and future welfare as much as for their own.

We build relationships for life!

Curious about what we can do for you?