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Tax advise

You want a tax advisor who is knowledgeable, creative and dares to stick his neck out for you. And who provides his advise in brief and clear words, without you having to wait for it. We are independent and therefore we can sail close to the wind without a large organization limiting us.

We love pragmatic solutions but are just as experienced in conducting tax proceedings. Maguire’s tax lawyers are members of the Dutch Association of Tax Advisers and participate in its excellent Permanent Education Program.

And above all, we are interested in people and their stories.

We regularly provide the folllowing services:

transfer of small enterprises into BV-companies;

optimal (re)structuring of business activities

structuring employee benefit and employee participation structures

managing application for WBSO- and Innovation Box facilities

advising on minimum director/shareholder salary (“gebruikelijk loon”)

advising on the ideal legal form of your activities

providing tax risk analysis

supporting and protecting you during tax controls

advising high net worth individuals on estate planning

reviewing tax returns and providing fiscal second opinions

We build relationships for life!

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