For whom? Maguire & E-sports

Maguire & Esports

During the last few years the gaming industry has turned into a multi-billion-dollar business with games such as Fortnite, League of Legends, DOTA, CS:GO, Heartstone and FIFA. The popularity of gaming has resulted in more and more professional gamers (aka e-sporters) who earn their total income with esports.

The rise of esports

Maguire is the first Dutch tax advisor to specialise in esports. We know the games, the industry, the specific types of income and costs. We are knowledgeable on the issues that face esport-athletes now, but also the issues they will face tomorrow. In a compact team we ensure that you make no mistakes, that you optimize your possibilities and that our services always yield higher profits than costs.

What do we do specifically for esporters?

extra administrative support

composing personal and corporate income tax returns

advising on specific tax facilities

drafting and reviewing (business) contracts

advising on the protection of intellectual property

tax structuring for business components

assistance with filing US tax returns and other (non-Dutch) tax returns, through our global network of esport-tax advisors

We build relationships for life!

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